just a short update for now

Etsy kept me pretty preoccupied lately. Trying to be more active in three Etsy teams can be challenging.

First team I had joined was NC Triangle team. Group of local Etsy sellers.
Even though we’re from very close geographical area I haven’t had chance yet to meet any of  them.  There was one meeting that I couldn’t go to- work of course. There may be another one coming up soon. There is also a little show- on 27th this month. I’m planning to go- will see how well I can arrange my time for that.

Than at almost the same time I had apply to join EIP (Etsy Independent Photograpahers Team) and POE (Photographers of Etsy)

First (EIP) is much smaller, but I think thanks to that- also more active. It seems like it’s easier to communicate, set the plan for what we can do as a group to help eachother. And it’s been pretty succsefull so far- amazing treasuries, some that made front page. There is also new blog, just recently set up to promote not only EIP team members, but also find interesting Etsy artist and feature them there.

POE is huge, I would say. It seems like almost every photographer on Etsy belongs to that team. And there is definitely a lot going on. Very active team on Etsy forum- which is great. We can share experiances, share comments about new listings and so on.

Still, between these three goups it’s hard to share time, so it will be even. Each group offers something else. Each is important, but I cannot spend as much time with each, as I wish to.

And of course- I have to make sure my store is up to date, with fresh inventory and active in treasuries.


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