Wine and Rose


Before the movie.

I don’t think I have to explain Twilight. Not after all the movie commercials have been shown for some time. And the Twilight saga was on the top positions of best selling novels.

Well, story about very different from known legends vampires, teenage love and whatever can come from mixing these two.

Tonight is the official movie realease.  At midnight. I have purchased my tickets few weekes ago, expecting that maybe lots of people would like to go and see it too. That was good move. And tonight I will see how many people actually decided to see the movie version of this story.
I love all books. It’s been some time since it was so hard for me to put book aside- I had to read them, to know whats happening next. Very entertaining and keeping the reader story.


After the movie.

I have to say- I really enjoyed it!
It was great idea to get there early. We waited about1.5 hrs to get into our theater- there was already line  of almost 30-40 people in front of us.  Everyone wantedto get in early to get the best seats. And we did get nice seats as well.

Before movie I was afraid that there might be too much of emotional screams and such during the movie. It wasn’t that bad. Of course, when the mainmale characters showed up for the first time there was a little bit of cheering. Overall was good.

And I enjoyed the movie a lot! Of course it was missing some of details, that in book seems tobe very important- at least to me. But I understand they’re trying to squeeze into 2 hrs show,so they had too adjust it to that restriction and still show the story line in the way, that you are going to get the understanding of the story line.

The ending was very interesting and in the way predicting second movie.
I cannot wait to see it!

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