Secret Santa

I guess after this post it’s not going to be that secret anymore!
Secret Santa was event organized by POE team, and specifically by Bill from HouseofSixCats store.I think it was very nice idea. Something different to do for holidays, connect with members of the team, that maybe not always we had contact?

That was my case. I din’t have chance before to have much conversation with my Secret Santa partner. And- thanks to this event I have gained really nice friend photographer and list of stores I’ve hearted so far on Etsy went up too!

Elephandreams is the store I was lucky to swap gifts with! Ruth- the owner of the shop is very nice person- so it was very pleasant experience! And her shop has so many great photographs!
Our gift exchange worked the way, that we have traded some photographs from our stores. We could choose, it was hard to decide on one, believe me! But I had to make up my mind and here is my choice: White, 8×11 size, Please, take a look. it’s beautiful photograph of bouquet of very fragile looking white flowers. I don’t know names- but they look so beautiful!

Ruth liked my Softly print.



I had printed this for Ruth on luster finish photographic paper. I hope she’ll enjoy it!

2 responses to “Secret Santa

  1. Great idea to post the swap on your blog. I may “steal” your idea for a future post.
    Both of the photos, Softly and White, are wonderful!
    Peace, Judi

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