Thank you Etsy and Monarchdancer!

It was a little unexpected for me to leave work earlier. Usually I work about 7-8 hrs shift and didn’t think it’s going to be different today. I have had already list of “Things to do” in my head- to make sure that day goes by fast and is productive. Ok, I have to admit- I hate not having stuff to do!

It worked out that I was able to leave early and as soon as I turned on my computer some inner voice adviced to log in to Etsy. And here there was- a little surprise.

One of the treasuries, where my photograph was featured in was selected for the front page display!

Not thinking twice I got the screen shot of it:

... Midnight Blue ...

... Midnight Blue ...

Big THANK YOUto Monarchdancer who curated this treasury and included my photograph!

3 responses to “Thank you Etsy and Monarchdancer!

  1. Congrats! What a great thing to come home to!

  2. Thank you Jen!
    Yes, it was very pleasant surprise.

  3. Congrats on your feature! – CT

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