New in my store!

Probably I have posted about that some time ago, mentioned it few times-I never was really sure if I should include photo greeting cards in my Etsy store or not. So I had some and than I let them expire. And than suddenly I have sold few copies of those left, so I renewed one card.
The one featuring blue copy of my dandelion:

The Future Belongs To...

The Future Belongs To...

Click on the photo to see actual listing on Etsy

Few months back I have taken this random picture of strawberry. The top of the fruit was cut off, and that cut part looked like a heart.
Instantly I new I am going to use it for something one day. So now, when Valentine’s Day is getting closer I first listed it as a print and later came up with idea to make a card.
Please take a look:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

2 responses to “New in my store!

  1. Great pictures and love your passion for photography

  2. Congratulations for your sales! Very nice photos!

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