Two In One.



Really I should have written about each of these separately. And should have mention this before.
My store has been featured on two different blogs.

Pixe’s Treasure had little article about my photography posted a little bit over a week ago. You can still access it here → Pixe’s Picks.
Pixe’s Treasure Chest is also an Etsy store offering beautiful, nature inspired jewelry. Please take a look to see for your self!

This week Valerie from Mistflower Studio posted nice post about my photos as well. This featured can be accessed by following link to Mistflower Studio Blog (here)

Valerie is also Etsy seller. In her store you can find gorgeous,colorful mosaics, beautiful pocket mirror, stunning paintings and- more. Take a look and you’ll definitely add this store to your favorites!
I have to also add, that Valerie creates the most amazing treasuries on Etsy. I have been honored to be included in few of them- and I am very grateful for that.

I am really thankful for both opportunities! It didn’t happened to me before to be featured in couple of different places within such a short period of time!
I feel almost like celebrity (ha! ha!- just joking)

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