New solution for carrying my camera.

Lately, due to the fact, that I try to take (at least) one photo a day I try to have my camera with me as often as possible. So I like to put it in my purse, which is a little big bigger than medium size purse. And camera fits in it really easily. There is still room left. But carrying camera just inside my purse, with all other small items sitting on the bottom just doesn’t feel like the safest solution.

I have seen these somewhere sometime ago. And haven’t thought than that I may need it- but now it seems like one of the best ideas I came up with to protect my equipment.
What am I talking about?

Camera wrap. Mine is made by Tenba. It’s one of the a bit bigger models- 22″ (which on Tenba’s site is shown wrapped around computer), but I had to get something that will protect not only camera, but lens that I put on it.

Now I feel like my equipment is safer from scratches, accidental opening of battery doors or card compartment door- also loosing cap and scratching filter.

Here is my wrap:

Wrapped with camera inside

Wrapped with camera inside

Camera is inside!

Camera is inside!

Corners of this wrap have a little pieces of Velcro attached, so you can really wrap it the way you prefer- get creative with your wrapping!
Fabric is really soft and a little bit thicker to ensure nice padding.

2 responses to “New solution for carrying my camera.

  1. This is a really creative solution! Is it easy to take it in and out when you’re on the go?

    I often feel crazy carrying a camera bag everywhere I go…I may have to get a cute wrap!

  2. So far it’s working for me great 🙂

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