There so many different sites, that you can belong to and share your thoughts, talk to other people, share you photos, music etc.  There is more and more microblogging sites, where you can post very short posts- like 140 signs on Twitter. And I would say- Posterous is one of those sites, where you can quickly write about something or send your post through e-mail.
That’s key feature for me- post through e-mail. I had found it so far very, very convenient.  You just write email, put address which corresponds to your Posterous account and write/ attach whatever you want to send it to your blog. Pretty nice, right?
From there you can set up to have a little message send to sites like Twitter or Facebook, saying what you posted and that it was on Posterous and of course- the message includes direct link to your post.

I had found few really nice Posterous blogs, some looking like online photography portfolios, some just nice blogs about everyday happening in people lifes.

I guess I would recommend the site for discovering.
Have fun!

One response to “Posterous:

  1. Never heard of it before, definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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