Copyrighted ?

Copyrighted ?

Recently I have come across my image being used without my permission- not even my knowledge for that matter. is the site.
Looks like place, that people put all kinds of intellectual property (mostly pictures) , without of course even as much as letting the owner know they’re using it.  As I’ve noticed most pictures posted their are linked to their original site. Some even give credit to the creator.

Mine posted on that site sure linked to DaWanda store, where it’s listed, but did not have any word about who created it.
Now- my image has visible white watermark embedded in the middle of the photo. Listing on DaWanda states also, that copyrights belongs to me. Yet- girl who decided to share it- and use it for her creations- on didn’t care.
So how much more notice can I give?
I am not getting into someones car, just because it’s sitting by the side of the road, unlocked and ready to go. That would be stealing, right?

As I researched the subject a little bit-it seems that tons of items listed on Etsy, DaWanda, RedBubble, Flickr, are being posted on to polyvore.
There is alsolots of places and people that are trying to do something about this wide spread copyright infrigement. one of the places you can visit is group on Flickr: parasites.

This Flick site is also worth visiting, if you would like to learn more about this problem.
Willing to sign petition? You can do it here: .

I am really upset about the situation. I read that it not always works the way, that you just request your photo to be removed from their site. I have submitted my request. We’ll see how quickly they will take care of that- if they  will…
It’s very irritating, that someone just takes something you created without even letting you know, asking question- whatever. Small notice would be better, than finding out by accident.

3 responses to “Copyrighted?

  1. bradtroyphotography

    I’m not familiar with many of the sights you list, but this seems to be a common issue on the web. To an extent, I think it’s a risk we run when we post photos to the web where it is quite easy to pluck them. I’m going to take a look at some of the links you posted. I hope that you receive some sort of response from your inquiries.

  2. Hi Brad. Thanks for your comment.
    I surely understand that this is the risk of putting images on the web.
    Still- that knowledge doesn’t make me less upset.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about that. You deserve all the credit for such amazing work. Thanks for the heads up!

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