Copyrighted?- Update.

My photograph, per my request, has been removed from their site.
I hope all those “sets” that have used my photo as part of their design are gone as well.

I appreciate them removing my image from their site.

Still I feel like I have to keep my eyes open.

3 responses to “Copyrighted?- Update.

  1. You do. I heard back from management at 1K and he says he is not going to stop them from saving photos, as some people don’t mind.
    As 1K gets better known, more photos will be stolen from there. 😦

  2. Maybe more people should contact him about it? Too bad, that 1K does it seem to care much about their sellers. Some of them, at least.

  3. I think if more people contacted him about it maybe he would reconsider. I told him that those who don’t mind are those who don’t realize that most of the time the items are not credited at all.
    If nothing else, at least he’d know it’s more than just me who is concerned. In the meantime, I’m watermarking everything. Let me know if you do write him!

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