Social Bookmarking and all that.



For last few days I have been reading and researching this topic. There is still a lot I can learn about it. I wanted to share, what I had found out so far.

Let me start with giving credit to Timothy Adam, who’s post I have seen on Plurk, and that’s how it all started.
Should I call it giving credit-or blaming- I have spend hours trying to implement social bookmarking into my little marketing strategy. Well, anyway- I think  I just have to do it in small steps, it gets really overwhelming if you’re trying to do all at once 🙂

Going beck to subject- today I came across this wonderful list of 30 social bookmark pages, where -well, lots of people shares information about anything, and also I am pretty sure searches for info as well.
Posted on Etsy forum by Timothy Adam, summarizes a little bit what kind of traffic those site’s deal with. Meaning, that you can expose your on line business to much larger community.

Before you start setting up accounts on all those site- please take a look at these nice videos, that are published on Handmadeology site. They explain the idea a little bit better and show how to use nice tool for sharing your items with few sites at the time using

Well, have fun and good luck!!!
If you sign up for an account on these sites I try to use JoannasFoto nickname-I’ll be happy to add you as my social network friend- and be added as your social network friend.

6 responses to “Social Bookmarking and all that.

  1. timothyadamdesigns

    Hey.. thanks for the great plug… Good luck with all your marking!


  2. Fabulous I will try to check these out. best wishes to you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks. I’ll look at more of these.

  4. You can submit more social bookmarking at – social bookmarking – do follow social bookmarking

  5. Bookmarking- thank you for tip! 🙂

  6. Hi,Wonderful information. Actually I was looking for some useful resource on this and feel fortunate to have come to your page.

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