Friday Full of Surprises!

Unexpectedly Friday- yes, yesterday, was full of surprises for me. I guess surprises are usually unexpected- dohhh… 🙂
And just wanted to share two of them.

First, I got this really nice Twitter message from JMC Photo about her new blog post. If you are tired of cold weather, lack of colors and just waiting for more of sunny warmth- please take a look at this post: Brighten Your Day.  Jen shares few nice items with nice spring feel! I have to admit myself- those fresh raspberries just make me want some!

And my Tulip Trio photograph was one of the items of spring!

Tulip Trio

Tulip Trio

Second surprise?
few minutes after message from Jen, I got email from blog of Hand Made Product Shopping Directory. They have featured my Etsy store along with specifically one photo: Big Big World. I am really honored and very happy to be featured. And really appreciate very nice words describing my portfolio as well, as sweet comments left by readers.
You can go to the feature site by clicking this link:  Feature.

Big Big World

Big Big World

One response to “Friday Full of Surprises!

  1. Congratulations for all the good news!

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