World Press Photo

This morning I had spend what seemed like a few minutes and was really oer an hour looking through images, that are listed on Wordl Press Photo Winners 2009 gallery.

World Press Photo. It is not only annual exhibition of best or most touching press photography. It’s organization supporting and promoting photojournalism.

This year edition of WPP exhibition, in their winner gallery you will find images showing life, reality, sometimes unfortunately harsh and difficult to accept. Real people, real situation. Many of exhibited work refers to most recent events around the world. Many of them related to ongoing conflicts, weather disasters, some not as sad- like photos from last Olympics, presidential campaign in US.

I regret, that again I will not be able to visit the  actual exhibition. Few times I went to World Press Photo exhibition and it was very touching and strong experience for me. It seems to em, that looking at actual print, many times sizes bigger than than standard,  showing more details, letting you almost “touch” whatever is on given print…

Looking at those photos I kept thinking- how much more single photo can tell. All those events documented by photojournalists have been announced through TV,newspapers, radio. Many words were said. But picture still can give deeper and more emotional presentation.

The whole exhibition is really amazing. Some pictures very painful.
Let me also share some of my favorites.

In section Stories- “Preserving Memory”

In section Sports: Divers

In section Sports: Sports Feature

Visit World Press Photo gallery to see more.

One response to “World Press Photo

  1. yup, it’s a kind of an appreciation to the moments and of course the photographers who make them everlasting (and become an art) so that we can learn;
    “what’s up?” in the day it was taken

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