Orphan Works Bill

The subject of this bill, which by the way was circulating here and there for some time, just came up again in discussion with friend of mine. Trying to find some more specific info on line I cam across many, many pages.

Please, do not consider me in any way an authority in this subject. I am just trying to bring it up, there is lots of people writing about it on blogs and in publications, there are sites specifically designated to hold information about this.
I am just sharing what I think.

And I think, that I understand the part, which not everyone mentions, that this bill supposed to help find which photographs, pictures, etc circulating in internet or publication, have been abandoned, meaning, the author is not know, and there is now way to find it’s author and as a result its piece can be used by someone else, because this way piece looses protection from copyright. I don’t say I like it, but I understand the idea. Of course there is lots of little details to this whole concept, that make it more complicated than I firstly imagined.

Now, there is this part of the Orphan Works Bill that I really do not like. It’s part that says, that unless you pay to have your work (or even your family picture, etc) copyrighted, it is left for open public use. Well, that is not something I like, I even don’t understand how someone is trying to push it through the legal system.
Letting this part of the bill go through would leave many, many people without jobs (self employed artists not always have thousands of $ to pay for copyrighting their work, especially emerging artists). Besides, to me it feels like stealing someones property right from in front of their face, so here it gets a matter of respect and morality.
And very much the winner in this part would be every company, that can use your photos etc. in their marketing, etc.

There is site with petition you can sign:


Also below I included video I have received link to from friend of mine. Just a short overview about this bill and what it will mean for most of us.

3 responses to “Orphan Works Bill

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