ArtFire Invitation



The ArtFire is one of the venues, that I have been posting and offering my photography for sale. Only recently I have upgraded to the Verified Seller account, which allows me to list more, offer wider verity also there are some nice features as far promotion.

ArtFire is, I think, the only site, that I know of- where you don’t have to have an buyer account to purchase products. I think it is pretty nice. I myself am getting tired sometimes, when every time I buy at new on line store I have to think about log-in/ password combination.  This new feature, called Rapid Cart is allowing buyers to just add items to their virtual shopping cart and purchase without requirements of login.

Have you tried ArtFire yet?

Here is a small preview of some recently listed photographs in my ArtFire studio:


One response to “ArtFire Invitation

  1. Great choice for a feature! I love that the wrapping is eco-friendly!

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