Inspiring website.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I was just asked that question. And haven’t though much about it- because I find it everywhere I look. There is always something that can be captured. And believe me, if there would be 5 photographers, there would be 5 different was of presenting the same subject. Because we all see from our own perspective, we notice something else.

While reading some of the blogs I follow this morning, I had stumbled across website of photographer Max Wanger.

From all different categories on his site (which I truly recommend to visit) the ones that captivated my attention were photographs from category Hustle & Bustle, where he present photographs from different cities, like tokyo, Paris, Rome, etc.
What struck me the most? Well, seeing portfolio called Paris I almost immediately though- oh! Eiffel Tower!
How mistaken I was!
He’s photographs present people, in different situations. It’s sort of more editorial photography, I guess. Captured moments are about moments in peoples life’s, that once second, that could have been forgotten… if not for that image, that froze it forever.

I think this is one of those great photography site, that can really inspire. I have really enjoyed looking at  those photographs, studying them almost. So beautiful.

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