Friday Finds: Name Your Own Fortune

I don’t know about you… but I LOOOOVE sweets 🙂 Really, there is not many types of sweets I would say no to. Chocolate, cookies, cakes. Sweets make me smile and happy!

That’s why I have chosen for today’s feature a  seller, that makes me dream about sweets!
FancyThatCookies is my guest and it was really hard for me to choose just one product from her store.
I decided to go with something that has a message- Fortune Cookies: Name Your Own Fortune!

Name Your Own Fortune

Name Your Own Fortune

I have never really though about it, always expecting that fortune cookie has hidden message for me. But isn’t it great idea to send a message to someone in cookie like this?

Well, it can be very creative way to ask the most important question:

Name Your Own Fortune

Name Your Own Fortune

I don’t need to say more- I think those photos speak for them self.

My advice though is- please visit FancyThatCookies store on Etsy– you can find some very good looking (I haven’t tasted them yet)  brownies and tarts!

Make sure to read the store announcements: until the end of this month (it’s only week left- hurry!!!) you can get something extra with your order!

Name Your Own Fortune

Name Your Own Fortune

2 responses to “Friday Finds: Name Your Own Fortune

  1. Yum! I love fortune cookies but I’ve never had home made ones. I bet their super yummy!

  2. …YUM!! If only I could eat those fortune cookies by just touching the screen!

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