Friday Finds: Once Traveled

Today’s guest on my blog is Rosina, from Etsy store Once Traveled ( ) and her beautiful necklaces!

Poland- 1955 Zielona Gora

Poland- 1955 Zielona Gora

I think I was atracted by the original design and concept!
Have you ever thought to use old stamps in such a creative way? Collecting them in the albums was all I’ve ever done. I have seen them used in some scrapbooking creations.

South Africa

South Africa

From the store front:

“Isn’t it romantic to imagine where in the world a picturesque stamp has traveled? Was it on the envelope of a love letter? Maybe it delivered important news or documents. Or perhaps it carried a simple postcard from a vacationer. We’ll never know for sure, but now these beautiful stamps have a chance to tell a new story as a piece of beautiful jewelry art. Where will it travel next?”



Please, visit Once Traveled on Etsy for more beautiful pieces, that you can add to your jewelry collection!


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3 responses to “Friday Finds: Once Traveled

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my pendants! Stamps are such amazing mini-masterpieces of art, aren’t they? I am also working on new pendant styles and I will be introducing them soon. xoxo, Rosina

  2. i agree with you…her stuff is wonderful

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