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What every Etsy user should consider :)

Today I just wanted to share my experience with some nice web tools, that make my life on Etsy easier.

I have heard about Etsy Hacks few times before I tried it. I am sort of skeptical with some of additions to my browser. I think it comes from the fact, that I am afraid one day I will have so much add on’s and plug ins, that my browser is not going to take it anymore! I think- this is something left from using the previous one…

Anyway, these days I am happy Mozilla Firefox user (highly recommending ) and to add to my happiness- I am also happy Etsy Hacks user.

With few add on’s from Etsy Hacks I can easily edit my listing on Etsy (without going through “Your Etsy” tab),ย  list 5 images at one time, without waiting for each individual to load. And most of all-especially foe heavy forum users- I love, that Etsy Hacks marks threads I’ve visited, marks those I’ve posted in and even adds a little star, if there is response from admin in any of those threads. Pretty cool, right?
Of course- each of these setting needs to be added as a individual module,but it takes a second to load and saves so much time down the road!

Don’t forget, that first you have to downolad and install Greasemonkey script. And than- add whatever you feel may make it easier and more fun to use Etsy!



When day is cooler

..I just need my warm coffee

to make my day more in focus…

My Coffee with View

My Coffee with View

Happy Mothers Day

Whole Field of Tulips for Mom!

Whole Field of Tulips for Mom!

This image is part of Project 365:

Social Bookmarking and all that.



For last few days I have been reading and researching this topic. There is still a lot I can learn about it. I wanted to share, what I had found out so far.

Let me start with giving credit to Timothy Adam, who’s post I have seen on Plurk, and that’s how it all started.
Should I call it giving credit-or blaming- I have spend hours trying to implement social bookmarking into my little marketing strategy. Well, anyway- I thinkย  I just have to do it in small steps, it gets really overwhelming if you’re trying to do all at once ๐Ÿ™‚

Going beck to subject- today I came across this wonderful list of 30 social bookmark pages, where -well, lots of people shares information about anything, and also I am pretty sure searches for info as well.
Posted on Etsy forum by Timothy Adam, summarizes a little bit what kind of traffic those site’s deal with. Meaning, that you can expose your on line business to much larger community.

Before you start setting up accounts on all those site- please take a look at these nice videos, that are published on Handmadeology site. They explain the idea a little bit better and show how to use nice tool for sharing your items with few sites at the time using

Well, have fun and good luck!!!
If you sign up for an account on these sites I try to use JoannasFoto nickname-I’ll be happy to add you as my social network friend- and be added as your social network friend.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine Ready Roses

Valentine Ready Roses

Looking around you can definitely feel, that everyone is ready for Valentine’s Day. Lots of really nice gift ideas.
Every other treasury, that makes it to the Etsy’s front page stays in the theme. And searching for Valentine’s on Etsy page brings really many very cute items.
My NC Triangle Team blog is also running a little feature about local items for this day- please take a look.

It’s hard not to think about it.

Knowing that most of our current holidays have some past and old tradition I googled about the V-Day. And came across many, many results,of course.
One of them was this really nice and not long story about how Valentine’s day looked like in 5th century, when it originated. It’s interesting how much it had changed since than and yet the general idea behind it is still the same.

Are you ready for Valentine’s?
I know there is so much to choose from-it’s really hard to decide what gift to get, what will be the best.
Hopefully you’ll find the right gift for your special person ๐Ÿ™‚

New solution for carrying my camera.

Lately, due to the fact, that I try to take (at least) one photo a day I try to have my camera with me as often as possible. So I like to put it in my purse, which is a little big bigger than medium size purse. And camera fits in it really easily. There is still room left. But carrying camera just inside my purse, with all other small items sitting on the bottom just doesn’t feel like the safest solution.

I have seen these somewhere sometime ago. And haven’t thought than that I may need it- but now it seems like one of the best ideas I came up with to protect my equipment.
What am I talking about?

Camera wrap. Mine is made by Tenba. It’s one of the a bit bigger models- 22″ (which on Tenba’s site is shown wrapped around computer), but I had to get something that will protect not only camera, but lens that I put on it.

Now I feel like my equipment is safer from scratches, accidental opening of battery doors or card compartment door- also loosing cap and scratching filter.

Here is my wrap:

Wrapped with camera inside

Wrapped with camera inside

Camera is inside!

Camera is inside!

Corners of this wrap have a little pieces of Velcro attached, so you can really wrap it the way you prefer- get creative with your wrapping!
Fabric is really soft and a little bit thicker to ensure nice padding.

I won!

I can definitely call myself lucky person!
Couple weeks ago I have participated in giveaway organized by Ruth from Allover Art.
Giveaway was announced on her blog.

To participate you had to choose one item from her Etsy store and post it into the comments section for the giveaway post on Allover Art blog. The prize was $15 Gift Certificate to her store.

I like to participate in giveaways, but not really as much for the prizes, but to find some new interesting items, discovery what other artists are up to! It’s fun to be able to read what other people like from the same shop. It just gives me different perspective.

Giveaway from AlloverArt!

Giveaway from AlloverArt!

I am happy though, that I won. It’s like my little after Christmas gift!

Thank you Ruth ๐Ÿ™‚