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Announcement- please, update your links!

This is just a quick update, that my blog’s web address is changing to:

Please, update your links and visit me at new location!
New blog is really continuation of this one. Even they look similar and the only thing is the location has changed.
The time has came, where I think I need functionality of self-hosted blog, rather than free and sometimes limiting version.

Thank you for your support, for all nice comments left so far- I hope for many more to come!
Any time you may have question about my blog, or my work- please, send me an email (joannasphotography[at!]


In My Pot

All of you, that follow my project 365 are probably familiar with this picture taken few days ago.
It’s photograph of really tiny radish plants.

In My Pot

In My Pot

There is no garden space, where I live. But me and my husband wanted to have something nice and fresh, easy to snack on and add to our meals. So we decided to plant some radish (wish DH absolutely loves, by the way).

Friday Finds: Little Serenity Bowl

Have you visited recently? There is more and more beautiful products every day!
And with the division into markets- it’s so nice to find some interesting items.

Today’s find was found by searching market, to which I belong, actually. The Luxe Market. I hope you will enjoy this post and like my choice!

Please, take a look at Little Serenity Bowl from Smoky Glow Studio:

Little Serenity Bowl

Little Serenity Bowl

At firstI had found it mainly because of the look. But after reading the description posted along with this item – I am amazed about the technique of creating so interesting piece of home decor!

Just visit Smoky Glow Studio on to find out more and read all about the process of creating this amazing bowl.

Little Serenity Bowl

Little Serenity Bowl

All images listed here are property of Smoky Glow Studios.

Shop for photography locally!

shop locally!

shop locally!

Friday Finds- just a walk down the memory lane…

Today’s find has been chosen because of the location, where is has been created- meaning taken. Not only of course- the artistic values are hard to miss as well- composition and techniques definitely attract attention.

Gdansk is place, where some of my memories go. Where I have friend, where I have been, where very important part of my heritage comes from.

Please, visit Yann Pendaries Photography on Etsy to discover much more great European landscapes!

North Poland Baltic Sea- Port of Gdansk.

North Poland Baltic Sea- Port of Gdansk.

This photograph is property of Yann Pendaries Photography,

Giveaway for Mother’s Day!

Tulip Trio

Tulip Trio

Mother’s Day is just few days away. And my local Etsy team have organized this nice giveaway, with really nice selection of different items, that can make every Mom smile!

Win something special for your Mom- or if you are Mom- for yourself!

Visit and leave a comment about stores participating in this giveaway!

Good Luck!

Counting On Your Vote!

There is a challenge on BlockHead Radio going on. And I would like to ask you for help:)

One of my prints: Aside-please, see below- has been chosen for this challenge.

Please,go to this site: to vote.

Thank you so much!

Aside 5x7 fine art print

This print is available for purchase on Etsy and Artfire.