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Giveaway! Win- Blue Like Sky!

Blue Like Sky

Blue Like Sky

You can still win this print!

The Giveaway is going on until May 7th!
That’s day before my birthday 🙂 I guess, you could say- I would like to give you this print for my birthday!

Just follow this link: GIVEAWAY or scroll down to post “Did You Know?

Good luck!
And thank you for taking part in this!


Happy Spring! from byhand.me

Just wanted to share this nice feature,  posted on http://www.byhand.me by Amy ( mamaslittlemonkeys).

Unfortunately, I am not able to post interactive version, so please, click HERE or on the picture itself, and you will be taken to feature’s site.



Thank you 🙂

From: Gems by Jerri

Big Big World

Big Big World

Jerri, from Gems by Jerri, has featured my photography on her blog.

She also asked me to answer few questions.  🙂

To see this feature and read a little bit about me, please visit Jerri’s blog: www.gemsbyjerri.blogspot.com

Thank you!

Friday Finds: Spring Forward

Welcome to this new promotional series! Please, feel free to comment and leave your feedback.

“Pamper Yourself and Indulge Senses!”

Today’s find is beautiful soap from ArtFire artist:  Farnham Soaps.  She has amazing selection of beautiful soaps in her store. It is really hard to choose just one! Please, visit her store to find out for yourself!

My Friday Find was spotted I think mainly because of name- and of course the nice fresh look.
Soap called Spring Forward.

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Handmade, in small batches- to ensure quality of each bar. This soap can be used also as a face soap or even shampoo!

It can be great gift for any occasion- or something you may want to keep for yourself!

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

There is also a feature, that is really important in for environmental awareness- the wrapping is eco-friendly! So no need to throw it away- just put it in your compost!

For all of you, who live close by or maybe will be traveling through North Carolina on April 18th- you can come to Broadway arts and crafts show, where Farnham Soaps is going to be selling her soaps!
Make sure to look for her banner saying: Pamper Yourself and Indulge Senses!

ArtFire Invitation



The ArtFire is one of the venues, that I have been posting and offering my photography for sale. Only recently I have upgraded to the Verified Seller account, which allows me to list more, offer wider verity also there are some nice features as far promotion.

ArtFire is, I think, the only site, that I know of- where you don’t have to have an buyer account to purchase products. I think it is pretty nice. I myself am getting tired sometimes, when every time I buy at new on line store I have to think about log-in/ password combination.  This new feature, called Rapid Cart is allowing buyers to just add items to their virtual shopping cart and purchase without requirements of login.

Have you tried ArtFire yet?

Here is a small preview of some recently listed photographs in my ArtFire studio:


You can win in ArtFire Giveaway!

ArtFire March Giveaway

ArtFire March Giveaway

Great way to win and discover amazing items from very talented artists selling through ArtFire venue.

Please visit blog of Risky Beads to learn all about this great opportunity, to see the whole stash of items to win!
From there you can also go and explore great store’s of ArtFire sellers!

I am part of this giveaway and you can win the Dandelion print, in 5×7 size.

ArtFire is relatively newer online marketplace, where you can buy handmade items.
It’s newer but definitely getting lots of exposure and ArtFire’s admins are making sure that site is  very user friendly and easy to use for both- sellers and buyers.
Visit ArtFire to check for yourself!

I like to keep track.


82 Windows

82 Windows

 This might be just something about me- but I like to keep track. I cannot do it for everything in my life-I tried and it was just overwhelming at some point. But I like to be able to see what, when, where, how often.


That’s why I really like that Etsy and ArtFire are using Google Analytics as tool for just that-keeping track. Of course, that’s just the beginning. Based on information you’re getting from this analytics report you can create and manage your marketing and than, of course, you can again- keep track of it’s results.

I have used Google Analytics on the past and was really pleased with all information it provides. I hope that will be very useful tool for all Etsy and ArtFire users.