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Announcement- please, update your links!

This is just a quick update, that my blog’s web address is changing to: http://joannasfoto.com/blog/

Please, update your links and visit me at new location!
New blog is really continuation of this one. Even they look similar and the only thing is the location has changed.
The time has came, where I think I need functionality of self-hosted blog, rather than free and sometimes limiting version.

Thank you for your support, for all nice comments left so far- I hope for many more to come!
Any time you may have question about my blog, or my work- please, send me an email (joannasphotography[at!]gmail.com)





Roses print has been featured today on Kellyssima blog.

Thank you!

Just posted Day 74!

I have to admit openly- when I was starting my blog with Project 365 I was a little bit afraid I may drop it sooner than the end of first month. It has been already 74 days and 74 different photographs I have posted to my project site! And seems like there is something different every day I am able to snap photo of and share with my readers.

Please, visit my Project 365 – and definitely leave a comment!
I appreciate any feedback 🙂 I love to hear what some pictures may be mean for you, what you like or dislike about them!

Day 74: The Curious One

Day 74: The Curious One

Floral Whispers- photography feature.



I have been surprised once again.

This time by fellow seller from 1k Markets: Lumina Jewelry.

This feature is posted on www.byhand.me site and shows beautiful floral photographs from few artists- including me.

I am really honored to be part of this nice display, among really amazingly beautiful pieces.

You can also see this feature re-posted by Timothy on Found-Handmade blog (thank you!)

Interview on JMcGuinness Blog.



Few days ago Jen, from JMcGuinness Photography asked me to answer few questions and tell a little bit more about my photography- and not only that.

I would like to share link to her blog, where you can find this little feature.
Click HERE to open website with JMcGuiness Blog.

I also would like to thank Jen for this very nice opportunity 🙂

365 images for 365 days.

I have always wanted to do that. Somehow not always felt like it’s the right time. I guess- never considered the middle of the year to be good starting point for something, that supposed to give record of whole year, of 365 days.

I have set up separate blog for that occasion only. You can visit it by going to 365 (http://www.365byjoanna.blogspot.com).
My husband is going to support me in that project- by also supplying some images. I think we are going to have fun with this!

Please,  visit and comment as much as you wish. I will appreciate any feedback! Thank you 🙂


The time came to change the look. I like previous template- I usually prefer websites with dark background and white text. And previous one had exactly that. There was one thing missing- it wasn’t very clear.

I know look of your css can be adjusted to change fonts, colors, sizes, etc. but first of all- I don’t want to upgrade my wordpress account and second- I’m not really familiar with css that much. I have tried few times changing this or that, but overall- not feeling that I can actually rely on what I know.

So I decided for this white look. Simple and clean. It feels easier to follow, to see separations between posts, columns with links, tags and categories. I hope it will make it easier for all visitors as well. That was my main intention.