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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Are you ready? Everything planned? Gift purchased?


Well, it’s good thing, that my local Etsy team always makes sure to be of help.
Now on team’s blog you can choose from great items made by NC Triangle team members- very nice selection of cute items, that will make sure your special someone will feel the sweetness of the Valentine’s Day.

Well, click HERE and start shopping.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine Ready Roses

Valentine Ready Roses

Looking around you can definitely feel, that everyone is ready for Valentine’s Day. Lots of really nice gift ideas.
Every other treasury, that makes it to the Etsy’s front page stays in the theme. And searching for Valentine’s on Etsy page brings really many very cute items.
My NC Triangle Team blog is also running a little feature about local items for this day- please take a look.

It’s hard not to think about it.

Knowing that most of our current holidays have some past and old tradition I googled about the V-Day. And came across many, many results,of course.
One of them was this really nice and not long story about how Valentine’s day looked like in 5th century, when it originated. It’s interesting how much it had changed since than and yet the general idea behind it is still the same.

Are you ready for Valentine’s?
I know there is so much to choose from-it’s really hard to decide what gift to get, what will be the best.
Hopefully you’ll find the right gift for your special person 🙂

Only few days left.

This time of the year is the busiest for me- thanks to my day job. I regret a little bit the fact, that don’t have enough time to spend on preparations for Christmas.
It is all happening so fast, that I don’t really get to feel the holiday atmosphere- except for one day, that I definitely will not be at work and and can spend nice time with my husband, enjoying the moment with Christmas tree in the background, nice dinner.


Merry, Merry!

Merry, Merry!

Hope that Christmas will be warm and happy for all of you. Filled with laughter and lots of gifts! May it bring peace and love.

Happy Holidays!

Secret Santa

I guess after this post it’s not going to be that secret anymore!
Secret Santa was event organized by POE team, and specifically by Bill from HouseofSixCats store.I think it was very nice idea. Something different to do for holidays, connect with members of the team, that maybe not always we had contact?

That was my case. I din’t have chance before to have much conversation with my Secret Santa partner. And- thanks to this event I have gained really nice friend photographer and list of stores I’ve hearted so far on Etsy went up too!

Elephandreams is the store I was lucky to swap gifts with! Ruth- the owner of the shop is very nice person- so it was very pleasant experience! And her shop has so many great photographs!
Our gift exchange worked the way, that we have traded some photographs from our stores. We could choose, it was hard to decide on one, believe me! But I had to make up my mind and here is my choice: White, 8×11 size, Please, take a look. it’s beautiful photograph of bouquet of very fragile looking white flowers. I don’t know names- but they look so beautiful!

Ruth liked my Softly print.



I had printed this for Ruth on luster finish photographic paper. I hope she’ll enjoy it!

Mega-Giveaway started!

MEGA Giveaway, Dec 1st-Dec 5th, 2008, NCTriangle Team

MEGA Giveaway, Dec 1st-Dec 5th, 2008, NCTriangle Team

Today is official starting day for this fun game!

Five days- five different sellers sponsoring giveaway. Five different great handmade items to win!

Monday, December 1st.

First giveaway is sponsored by CraftsbyAlice . Please visit her store for really amazing creations! Pick the one you like and than go to  NCTriangle Team  blog to leave your vote!

You can vote from Dec 1st through Dec 8th, 2008.

Tuesday, December 2nd.

New giveaway! Today sponsored by Cinnamonspice!
Have you seen her store? It’s amazing what beautiful paper crafts she can create! Cards and scrapbooks! Take a look- choose your favorite one and go to NCTriangle team blog to vote!

Voting is open from December 2nd through December 9th, 2008!

Wednesday, Dec 3rd.

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by me 🙂
Please visit my Etsy store: www.JoannasPhotography.etsy.com , choose your favorite print and leave a comment on my team’s blog: NCTriangle Team.

Magnolia’s print you can win is 6×6,printed on metallic paper and comes matted to 8×10 size mat- readyto be framed!

Have fun  and good luck! You can leave your comments from now- Dec 3rd through Dec 10th!

Thursday, Dec 4th

And here we have another artist sponsoring giveaway. This time it is DinnerTimeCharms store. In their store they are offering beautiful assortment of chimes, key chains, tags!

Please, visit their store, choose the item you like the most and go to NCTriangle Team blog- to leave a comment and get your entry into the drawing!

Good luck!!!
This giveaway runs Dec 4th-11th, 2008.

Friday, Dec 5th.

Have you seen this giveaway yet? It’s sponsored by JennGee store.

Beautiful coffee corsets. Colorful and very very cute! Please take a look in Jenn Gee store, choose your favorite and than leave a comment on NCTriangle Team blog, here.

Don’t waste your chance to win!

You can participate in this giveaway by leaving your comment between 5th and 12th of December, 2008