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Challenge for favorite Halloween Handmade.

Yet again there is something going on in my NC Triangle team. This time it’s challenge for favorite Halloween item. There is seven items to choose from. Among them my On Fire print.

You can go to NC Triangle Team blog to vote for your favorite. Voting stays open until Saturday, Nov 1st, 11:59pm


New Photographs.

Recently I have added to my portfolio few photographs that offer a little bit different style and most of all- completely different subject. This new series is created based on photos taken of old, broken car parts. It is showing different textures and shapes, offering range of colors and tones.
Only few of those new prints have been listed in my Etsy store, more is coming soon.

Some of my prints were left without much of changes. Some I had added extra effects to enhance the visual experience for viewer.

The sample listed below features three photographs of the same subject. A;though through series of experiments, which some of them were inspired by fellow photographers from POE, especially Karrie Welborn.

Please take a look.
And visit my Etsy store for sizing and prices.

Chained- On fire

Chained- On fire