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What every Etsy user should consider :)

Today I just wanted to share my experience with some nice web tools, that make my life on Etsy easier.

I have heard about Etsy Hacks few times before I tried it. I am sort of skeptical with some of additions to my browser. I think it comes from the fact, that I am afraid one day I will have so much add on’s and plug ins, that my browser is not going to take it anymore! I think- this is something left from using the previous one…

Anyway, these days I am happy Mozilla Firefox user (highly recommending ) and to add to my happiness- I am also happy Etsy Hacks user.

With few add on’s from Etsy Hacks I can easily edit my listing on Etsy (without going through “Your Etsy” tab),  list 5 images at one time, without waiting for each individual to load. And most of all-especially foe heavy forum users- I love, that Etsy Hacks marks threads I’ve visited, marks those I’ve posted in and even adds a little star, if there is response from admin in any of those threads. Pretty cool, right?
Of course- each of these setting needs to be added as a individual module,but it takes a second to load and saves so much time down the road!

Don’t forget, that first you have to downolad and install Greasemonkey script. And than- add whatever you feel may make it easier and more fun to use Etsy!