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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Are you ready? Everything planned? Gift purchased?


Well, it’s good thing, that my local Etsy team always makes sure to be of help.
Now on team’s blog you can choose from great items made by NC Triangle team members- very nice selection of cute items, that will make sure your special someone will feel the sweetness of the Valentine’s Day.

Well, click HERE and start shopping.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine Ready Roses

Valentine Ready Roses

Looking around you can definitely feel, that everyone is ready for Valentine’s Day. Lots of really nice gift ideas.
Every other treasury, that makes it to the Etsy’s front page stays in the theme. And searching for Valentine’s on Etsy page brings really many very cute items.
My NC Triangle Team blog is also running a little feature about local items for this day- please take a look.

It’s hard not to think about it.

Knowing that most of our current holidays have some past and old tradition I googled about the V-Day. And came across many, many results,of course.
One of them was this really nice and not long story about how Valentine’s day looked like in 5th century, when it originated. It’s interesting how much it had changed since than and yet the general idea behind it is still the same.

Are you ready for Valentine’s?
I know there is so much to choose from-it’s really hard to decide what gift to get, what will be the best.
Hopefully you’ll find the right gift for your special person 🙂

New in my store!

Probably I have posted about that some time ago, mentioned it few times-I never was really sure if I should include photo greeting cards in my Etsy store or not. So I had some and than I let them expire. And than suddenly I have sold few copies of those left, so I renewed one card.
The one featuring blue copy of my dandelion:

The Future Belongs To...

The Future Belongs To...

Click on the photo to see actual listing on Etsy

Few months back I have taken this random picture of strawberry. The top of the fruit was cut off, and that cut part looked like a heart.
Instantly I new I am going to use it for something one day. So now, when Valentine’s Day is getting closer I first listed it as a print and later came up with idea to make a card.
Please take a look:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!